Starting from the presentation of the “design criteria“ identified through a study of the DNA of the brand, we count on the creativity and imagination of our designers to create the stylistic imprint and guidelines that will define the project, translating into images the desires and expectations of the client.


Optima offers extensive experience and expertise in the development of architectural projects such as marinas, and the planning and development of retail space in high-growth areas. The increase in new residential areas and marinas and the growing demand for implementation, has led us to creating an “architecture“ department…


Because of our experience in the naval sector, we are also engaged in the coordination and supervision of Italian industrial works.


We have also applied our unique design methods to our work in the automotive sector. In particular we have designed luxury van customisations – transforming vans into limousines, which involves re-designing both the interior and exterior of the vehicle.

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Who we are

Established in 2004, Optima Design is a multi-disciplinary design company that harnesses professionals from the yachting, industrial design, automotive and strategic communication industries.

We operate worldwide and support our clients in creating and developing cutting-edge products in new and innovative ways.

Optima Design carries projects through from conception to realisation.

We design working products that are carefully drawn and pass engineering and production monitoring tests.

We innovate to create the unexpected; to create products our clients love.

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The method

We design by understanding and discovering the needs of users in the first instance. We analyse the market and establish our target based on a period of intense research and planning.

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Semiotic Analysis
3D Modelling

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Production Methods

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User Centered

The method

It’s always our strategy to work towards a long-term goal when designing a new product. We analyse history, context and consider sociological factors to ensure the correct positioning of the brand on the market, before we’ve even begun designing.

Our work involves mapping the evolution of our products – creating unique work that endures and takes its place in history. And we evaluate and consider the work of our industry colleagues and competitors.

And finally, we analyse suitable production methods to efficiently actualise our products, taking profitability planning into account.